Pu Luong- ideal place to go outside of Hanoi

There is a destination in Northern Vietnam where you are not bothered by car horns or thrumming engines, where it is a bit cooler even on sweltering June and July days, where you will even forget that you are enjoying your days off to immerse into nature.

Think about Thanh Hoa? Sam Son Beach and fermented pork rolls (nem chua) might be the first things to come to your mind. But this beautiful province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam is not only famous for its great location for a beach getaway in the sweltering summer weather and a delicious delicacy that all wine drinkers love. Actually, locals, domestic and foreign tourists, business professionals, couples, families, solo travelers, everyone in between, and especially adventure seekers alike will have plenty of exciting things to do in the province rich in tourism potential.
For adventure seekers who are excited about spending all day long discovering the poetic and majestic scenery of the grounds’ hiking trails and picnic areas, Pu Luong is a place to visit.


Pu Luong
Founded in 1999, Pu Luong in the Northwestern side of Thanh Hoa Province is an area favored with unspoiled natural beauty, wildlife biodiversity, and unique Vietnamese ethnic culture interest. Do you know that Pu Luong has become one of Thanh Hoa Province’s most visited attractions and its total area of 17,662 hectares of tranquility – 75 percent of which is primary tropical forest holds incredible appeal, thanks to a handful option of fascinating outdoor activities?
In the Thai language, Pu Luong (alternatively called Phu Luong) means “the village’s highest peak,” which makes its recognition for having an exceptional image of idyllic Vietnamese landscape and rural life that exceeds most people’s expectation almost inevitable.
Whether you have got only a few hours, 1 day, or several days in Thanh Hoa Province, make sure to stay and play your way with these incredibly fun outdoor activities to experience in Pu Luong Nature Reserve!
Things To Do In Pu Luong
Whatever your taste for nature, exploration, and adventure, Pu Luong – a tourist site roughly 105 miles from Vietnam’s burgeoning capital city has all that thrill seekers need to be one with the great outdoors.
Find yourself in nature

Find yourself in nature

Pu Luong’s answer to Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve and Cuc Phuong Nature Reserve in Ninh Binh, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a haven for joggers, mountain trekkers, hikers, cyclists, nature explorers, and picnic lovers. With fertile land, flourishing evergreen scenery, peaceful villages, and bustling wildlife variety, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a world away from the big cities’ concrete metropolis. Go for a ramble, and you will surely encounter tropical forest stately trees, these thickly-forested slopes, 84 mammal species, and more than 1,109 vascular plant species.
It is no doubt that Pu Luong Nature Reserve is the best spot to immerse yourself in great outdoors and nature. Why do you still hesitate to get out and throw yourself into the great outdoors in Pu Luong?
Spend at least 1 night experience Pu Luong Homestay
All adventure seekers in Pu Luong should spend at least 1 night staying in one of the many dozens of authentic homestays there. Rather than a place to take a rest, stock up on provisions, hire an experienced guide to accompany with you, and grab a cold drink at the end of a long day spent in nature, it is a great base for relaxation and to delve into Vietnamese ethnic culture and tradition — whether it is completely rustic or boasts a trendy design.
A night spent with ethnic people will be an independent and spontaneous experience as you will see what locals do in their daily life, help them prepare meals, and happily share food with them as a whole big family. Don’t forget Muong and Thai traditional dance performances.
Some highly recommended clusters are Kho Muong Homestay Area, Ban Hang Homestay Area, and Ban Hieu Homestay Area.
Riding your motorbike – A Pu Luong’s Highlight

Pu Luong off-road trip

Even though it cannot be denied that Pu Luong boasts a wide range of family-friendly attractions, for many, an off-road motorcycling experience is the real star here. Riding your own motorcycle is really not even a choice anymore. It is a must. From Hanoi, you can rent the motorcycle to enjoy your own way

Not only having the quaint feel as a place perfect for an off-road trip, but Pu Luong is also a central access point to some of the most beautiful parks in Vietnam.

Don’t let the greenery of Pu Luong Nature Reserve fool you; its most soulful and nerve-racking experiences can be found along these two parallel mountain ridges. Escape the chaotic traffic and tourist crowds in the big cities and see the parts you have never seen tooling around in your car on the challenging route from Hanoi to Pu Luong! However, an off road trip is just an outdoor adventure heavily dependent on the weather. Only have it in the pretty nice weather! These months from March to May and from September to October are often a prime time for this.
How can you call yourself a true adventure seeker without experiencing the route running from north-west to south-east? Plus, your gorgeous bragging selfies with the luminous-green rice fields extend from the waters’ edge to the thickly-forested slopes as the background will shame every one of your followers.
Even though Pu Luong’s remote location makes it ideal for thrill seekers looking for unblemished powder, get out of your comfort zone, ride your motorcycle about 170km southwest of Vietnamese capital city then you can experience quickly what Vietnam’s great outdoors and nature can offer—evergreen tropical scenery, awesome culinary delicacies, hospitable people, and unique culture of Thai and Muong people.

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