Best Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, in the southern part of Vietnam was formerly called as Saigon. This city is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country because it is rich in history. Aside from that, you can also find here landmarks that were greatly contributed during the French colonization. And of course, you would not surely want to miss the best delicacies that you can find only in the city.
For tourists, there are lots of amazing things to do in Ho Chi Minh city and they will surely find these overwhelming. I supposed, a day will never be enough to roam around the city. Exploring the tourist spots will give you the most satisfying tour of the century. Anyway, coming to Vietnam is quite easy and convenient for travelers.Transportation from the airport to the city is not even a problem because you can find reliable agencies to provide a private ride. They can also find you a safe place to stay. And then, there would surely be no problem in finding restaurants or food because you can even get them along the streets. Aside from these things, there are still more things for you and your family or friends to do in the city. You can refer some tours to experience this city here.

Going to Binh Tay Market

Are you thinking about buying food crops when you are going to the market? Well, pretty sure that you are fond of going to shopping malls. But, going to the Binh Tay Market will give you an opportunity to experience the local culture. Well, you would surely enjoy various foods here, especially this is where you can find the Chinatown. It is also a great place to shop for cheaper clothes, souvenir items and various products.

Visit the Thien Hau Temple

You should not miss visiting the Thien Hau Temple to pay homage. This is also situated in the Chinatown. The temple was built during the 19th century for the Lady of the Sea. It is indeed an old temple and you can see that from the outside. But when you enter the temple, you can find there beautiful details of the carvings.

Check the Museum

There is also a museum in the city, which is previously named as the Gia Long Palace as well as the Revolutionary Museum. This museum contains various exhibitions and displays about the history, culture and the making of the city.

Viewing the city

If you would like to have a nice look of the entire city, then you may visit the Bitexco Financial Tower. This modern building is indeed, the tallest one you can find in Ho Chi Minh. I guess, you might want to have coffee and go shopping before going up the building.

Check the Independence Palace

This palace was usually called as the Reunification Palace. It is already a museum, but there are still events and meetings held by the government officials. Actually, during the wars, this was the home of the former South Vietnam president. You may come and check out the different rooms of the palace, which is still filled with some old machines.

Enter the Cathedral of Notre Dame

You do not need to be a Catholic just to enter the Notre Dame Cathedral. This is actually a landmark of the city. They still schedule masses here, so you have to make sure that the cathedral is open when you come. I supposed, this landmark, having a 40-meter high tower, is one of the greatest contributions of the French colonies.

Cross the Central Post Office

Next to the Notre Dame Cathedral is the Central Post Office. This is another landmark and was also built during the French colonization in 1886. Do you know what made this a landmark? It is because, Gustave Eiffel designed this famous architecture. It may be considered as a landmark and a tourist attraction, but it is still operational.

Go to the War Remnants Museum

Another museum to visit is the War Remnants Museum. You can find here exhibitions, journals and photos of the events during the wars. Another great catch here is a section that is filled with replicas of how people’s suffering and they were tortured back then. You may also check various displays of military tanks, weapons and tracks.
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